Candor Foundation

Candor Foundation is a non-profit voluntary Organization, registered under Punjab Societies Registration act XXI of 1860, and amended by Punjab Amendment Act. 1957 bearing registration no: 263/2007-08 registered with registrar of Chandigarh. We also have our Permanent Account Number registration given by the Government of India. We have our audited statements of accounts for the past six years and annual reports of our activities.

Candor Foundation society strongly believes in education to needy people and we have a strong faith in local people’s capacity and potential to deal with their own issues, if their leadership skills have been facilitated in a right perspective. Candor Foundation Society is currently implementing free skills development programmes, Right to Information Act & Right’s based education projects at Patiala, Sangrur, Barnala, Mansa,Fathegarh Sahib and other district of Punjab( India). Candor Foundation Society is a different breed of organisation aiming to achieve highest level of transparency among civil society organisations, promoting a culture of openness, transparency and accountability among it’s peers. We have set up high standard for ourselves, thriving to achieve maximum results with minimum inputs.

Our Principles

Candor Foundation Society believes in imparting practical education to individuals rather than just teach them the curriculum. We are not interested in running parallel education streams instead support the individuals to achieve highest level of self esteem & standard of education and nurture them to be a good citizen of our country.

Candor strategically aims to achieve sustainability in all initiatives by promoting local leadership, inculcating the values of ownership, sharing and mutual cooperation. We aim at the participation of the stake holders that will ensure maximum transparency and accountability in all our interventions.

We believe in promoting self sustainability & self reliance to ensure the dignified livelihoods of stake holders by promoting various innovative employment opportunities and techniques.

Candor Foundation currently has nine full-time staff, 15 part-time staff and 105 volunteers.